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Have you decided to pursue an occupation outside of your current position?


The IT industry is what appeals to you the most, but you don’t hold a tech degree. What you do have is a lot of enthusiasm about the field and a tech-related certificate you’ve recently obtained at an academy. So, if you are wondering how to step into this field of diverse opportunities, wonder no more.


Here are a few strategies that can help you break into this industry swiftly:


  1. Before diving in, take your time to identify the companies you are most interested to work for. After choosing a few, visit their websites regularly to keep track of their openings. Focus on job positions you are thrilled with. Additionally, create a LinkedIn profile and follow the chosen onesthere. You can create job alerts for their vacancies through their LinkedIn Page. Once you’ve done that, you’ll instantly receive a notification of new positions that match your skills.
  2. Another effective way to help you find your first job in IT faster is networking. There are various ways how you can connect with people from the field such as becoming an active member of a tech organization or attending tech events and conferences. Here you get great opportunities to present yourself, make new connections, gain community support and eventually find yourself a job. To give you an idea, the first WITCON tech conference which took place on 20th May, was a great place to network with people from the field.
  3. Also consider spreading the word about your job hunt with your family, friends and co-workers. Even if they don’t work in the IT industry, they might be able to introduce you to someone who does. Bear in mind that personal connections and word-of-mouth recommendations are found worthwhile even in the IT world.
  4. Finally, invest in yourself. Attend regular tech-related webinars and seminars that can help you sharpen your skills. Moreover, acquire additional technical qualifications as a way to show your protentional employers how committed you are regarding your career. Also, there are plenty of free courses and webinars you can benefit from and improve further your skills.


Considering everything, IT is an area of numerous job opportunities but without choosing your prospective employees carefully, networking with the right people consistently, telling your close people that you are looking for a job, and updating your knowledge additionally, the chances of gaining a job position faster are minimal.


Good luck in our search!


Written by: Slavica Petrushevska