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Top Essential Recourses for Software Testers

Pretty good testing is easy to do whereas excellent testing is quite hard to do

said James Batch, an internationally known teacher, author, and consultant.


Would you agree with him?

If yes, then how one interested in software testing can achieve that excellence? Of course, by invariably extending their knowledge. Luckily, there are myriad of resources that provide both paid and free courses and tutorials online, and even jobs one can apply from anywhere in the world. Here, I would share some of them.



  • Software Testing Material is one of those websites that presents free software testing resources for Software Testers. You can come across a wide range of courses, tutorials, tools, interview questions, and quizzes. Moreover, it offers jobs for experienced software testers who can create high-level tutorials on different software testing and programming technologies


  • Udemy is a platform where one can learn about software testing by choosing some of the free or paid resources from the software testing category. Many leading companies such as Nasdaq, Eventbrite, Box, NetApp and others use the courses to help their employees broaden their skills. Additionally, you can obtain certificates to demonstrate your accomplishments. However, it is not an accredited institution.


  • If you are enthusiastic about automation testing then is a good choice for you. It is a website with more than one hundred free tutorials for beginners as well as for experts. It also provides samples and example programs to give you a clear picture to meet your requirements. Depending on your needs, you can choose from Selenium, TestNG, JUnit, JXL, Apache POI, Apium, Maven and many more tutorials from the menu.


  • Software QA Test is another website for software testers to learn and upgrade their skills. It is created by a person with more than twenty years of experience in senior, lead and management roles in Software Quality Assurance, Testing, Automation, Process Improvement and Software Development. Here, you can find many resources and downloadable materials on Software Quality Assurance and Testing. What’s more, you can explore blogs and articles about rapid software testing as well as learn the basic concepts about software testing by choosing some of the FAQ sections from the menu.


  • uTest is considered as the home of the largest community of digital freelance software testers in the world. Here, you can not only sharpen your testing skills in their Academy, but you can also earn money by finding a testing project to gain a real-life testing experience. In addition, you can connect with recognized experts within the global community.


Considering everything, all the aforementioned resources would help you improve your testing knowledge and some would even serve the purpose of earning money by participating in real-life projects. In view of the fact that most of the content is free of cost, you can browse through them for learning as a newcomer and a skilled one too. Active learning and upskilling beyond any doubt ensure quality products in the market.



Written by: Slavica Petrushevska