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Tech Leadership: Insights from a former Google Executive

Women in Tech Macedonia recently had the opportunity to attend an exclusive workshop with former Google executive, Ted Souder, thanks to the organization Macedonia2025. The workshop was a part of the Macedonia2025 Summit and provided valuable insights into tech leadership and employee management.


During the workshop, Ted Souder shared his experience and provided insights into his role within Google. He discussed the importance of creating a work environment where employees are happy and satisfied, which in turn leads to increased productivity and innovation. This topic sparked an interesting discussion about employee retention strategies and how to keep the best talent within a company.


The workshop also delved into the topic of innovation and how it happens within companies. Ted Souder shared his insights on the importance of fostering a culture of innovation and how companies can create an environment where new ideas can thrive.

Another topic of discussion was the differences in managing teams within small companies and corporations. Ted Souder provided valuable insights into the benefits and disadvantages of both models, and how companies can find the right balance between the two.

Overall, the workshop with Ted Souder was a valuable learning experience for the members of Women in Tech Macedonia. Thanks to Macedonia2025, the event provided unique insights into the world of tech leadership and employee management. The discussions were insightful, and the attendees left the workshop with valuable takeaways that can be applied to their own careers and companies.


We had a blast listening to the amazing insights from Ted Souder – “Tech Leadership: Insights from a former Google Executive”. Special thanks to Macedonia 2025 for giving us this opportunity.  🙌🏼


The best tip Ted gave us was to help each other out in order to succeed, so don’t forget to share the love and give a 10-15 minute talk to someone who could use it!